Home Gas Leak Safety, Warning Signs & Facts

Natural gas alarms save lives.
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Do you have a safety plan in place?

5 Simple Steps to Home Safety:

  1. Be smart with your natural gas appliances. Place a natural gas alarm in every room where gas appliances exist.
  2. Install a battery-powered natural gas alarm up to 12 inches from the ceiling.
  3. Your natural gas alarms feature a test button. Remember to test alarms weekly.
  4. Replace alarms when they have reached their end of service life.
  5. If an alarm sounds, evacuate immediately and then call 9-1-1.
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Potential Warning Signs of a Gas Leak:

  • You see yellow or orange flames on gas appliances (such as stoves) instead of a bright blue one.
  • You notice increased condensation inside of windows.
  • You struggle with the pilot light repeatedly going out with your boiler or if it just fails to light in general.
  • You spot sooty marks on or around your natural gas appliances.
  • You or anyone in your home is feeling unwell. Symptoms of natural gas exposure can include headaches, dizziness, nausea, breathlessness, collapse and loss of consciousness.
  • You smell the scent of sulfur in your home (typically described as a rotten egg smell).
  • You realize damage has been caused to the gas line connection and hear hissing or whistling sounds.
  • The plants in your home suddenly die.
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Did You Know About These Natural Gas Safety Facts?

Aging infrastructure is a growing threat in the US

  • On average, local fire departments will respond to 340 natural gas or LP-gas leaks daily.
  • It has been estimated that it will take 230 years to replace every pipe in the US.
  • An estimated 4,200 home fires will be linked to natural gas ignition annually.
  • A natural gas explosion will happen on average every 11 days.
  • Natural gas is in fact odorless. This makes gas leaks particularly dangerous. Utility companies will add mercaptan to the resource in order to create the smell of rotten eggs, making a leak easier to detect.
  • Approximately 66 million households use natural gas to keep homes running.

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