Natural Gas Alarm Installation Guide

DeNova Detect Natural Gas Detectors provide an efficient and reliable means of alerting you to the very real dangers presented by a natural gas (or methane) leak. Implementing revolutionary sensing technology, DeNova Natural Gas Alarms are capable of achieving an impressive LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) threshold. What does this mean exactly? Traditional gas detectors come equipped with a sensor that more often than not features a 25% LEL. In comparison, a DeNova Natural Gas Detector offers a 10% LEL. A lower % ensures better results in quickly identifying an emergency. When comparing the two, a DeNova Natural Gas Alarm will sound off an average of 11 minutes faster*. These extra minutes can prove invaluable in offering additional time to properly escape a potentially dangerous scenario.

Where To Install Natural Gas Alarms:

This natural gas alarm should be installed indoors in any room that has a gas-fueled appliance. This can include a stove, furnace, water heater, gas fireplace, or a gas dryer. Natural gas is lighter than air and accumulates towards the ceiling - not by the floor. It should be installed on the wall, between 4 to 12 inches from the ceiling. It should be installed at least 5 feet away from cooking appliances or cooktop hoods and at least 10 feet away from other gas appliances.

Traditional plug-in natural gas alarms are installed too low and may not detect dangerously high-levels of natural gas before reaching an explosive level. Detection can occur earlier when alarms are installed higher in the room, giving residents more time to react appropriately.

what rooms should i install natural gas alarms
where to install natural gas alarm in your home

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