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  • 10% LEL natural gas alarm threshold validated by Intertek (ETL)
  • Virtually eliminates nuisance alarms (GTI tested with 15+ chemicals)
  • 7 year product life
  • Battery powered device enables optimal installation close to ceiling
  • Device can be installed in a wide variety of temperature ranges from 32°F to 122°F
  • Voice alerts in English and Spanish
  • Remote self-diagnostics
  • No calibration needed
  • Listed to UL1484

DeNova Detect Natural Gas Alarms by New Cosmos USA offer protection against the threats of natural gas (or methane) hazards. This natural gas alarm is suitable for houses, apartments and manufactured housing. DeNova Detect Natural Gas Alarms are manufactured to a 10% LEL gas alarm threshold, alerting you to an emergency much sooner than traditional technologies that are designed to alarm at 25% LEL. This alarm features superior technology that virtually eliminates all nuisance alarms. In addition to an 85dB alarm warning sound, this Natural Gas Alarm includes the following voice alerts in English and Spanish: "Danger - gas leak explosion risk - evacuate, then call 911". "Peligro - riesgo de explosion por fuga de gas - evacuar, luego llamar al 911".

The contemporary design is fast and easy to install. No wiring is needed to install this natural gas alarm. DeNova Detect Natural Gas Alarms are ETL tested and listed to UL1484 Standards. It is advisable to install natural gas alarms in all rooms where a gas leak may occur, or a gas appliance is located. Examples include kitchens, laundry rooms, and furnace areas. The DeNova Detect ML-310ES Natural Gas Alarm comes with a 7-year limited warranty.

Easy to install - mounts with one screw, no wiring or bracket necessary:

The DeNova Detect Natural Gas Alarm should be installed in all rooms where a gas leak may occur or a gas appliance is located. Examples are a kitchen (gas leaks from gas ovens and cook tops), laundry (gas leaks from a gas clothes dryer), and furnace area (gas leaks from furnace burners or boilers). However, do not install closer than 10 feet (3 meters) from gas appliance. It is possible that gas leaks may migrate along pipes so consideration should be given to place gas alarms in multiple rooms. Gas alarms should be located between 6 to 12 inches (0.15 to 0.3 meters) from the ceiling.

Warranty Information:

New Cosmos USA warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 7 (seven) years from the date of purchase. This warranty shall not apply to any batteries used in the product or to any damage which may be caused by such batteries. This warranty applies only to the original consumer purchaser and only to products used in normal residential use and service. If this product is found to be defective, New Cosmos USA will repair or replace the product, at New Cosmos's discretion, provided the product has not been damaged through misuse, abuse, accident, modifications, alterations, neglect or mishandling. This Warranty shall not apply to any product which is found to have been improperly installed, set-up, or used in any way not in accordance with the instructions supplied with the product.

* Validated by Gas Technology Institute report, Evaluation of Residential Methane Detectors, Phase III. Project No. 21696.

** LEL, short for "Lower Explosive Limit", is defined as the lowest concentration (by percentage) of a gas or vapor in air that is capable of producing a flash of fire in presence of an ignition source (arc, flame, heat).

Where To Install Natural Gas Alarms:

This natural gas alarm should be installed indoors in any room that has a gas-fueled appliance. This can include a stove, furnace, water heater, gas fireplace, or a gas dryer. Natural gas is lighter than air and accumulates towards the ceiling - not by the floor. It should be installed on the wall, between 4 to 12 inches from the ceiling. It should be installed at least 5 feet away from cooking appliances or cooktop hoods and at least 10 feet away from other gas appliances.

Traditional plug-in natural gas alarms are installed too low and may not detect dangerously high-levels of natural gas before reaching an explosive level. Detection can occur earlier when alarms are installed higher in the room, giving residents more time to react appropriately.

LED Indicators On The Alarm:

The Power LED (green) tells you if the natural gas alarm is on. To check if the natural gas alarm is on, hold the Test button for less than 3 seconds, then release. You will hear the natural gas alarm beep once, and the Power LED will blink for 3 seconds.

The Trouble LED (yellow) tells you a few different things with the natural gas alarm. If the Trouble LED is blinking once every 10 seconds, this means the battery is low. If the Trouble LED is blinking twice every 10 seconds, this means the device has reached its end-of-service-life. If the Trouble LED is blinking 3 times every 10 seconds, this means there is a detector error.

The Alarm LED (red) tells you if methane gas has been detected at a concentration above the alarm threshold. In the event of a natural gas alarm, the Alarm LED will blink once every 2 seconds until the gas leak conditions have been resolved.

installing natural gas alarm for best detection
Product Details
Model Number ML-330
Conforming standards FCC certified and listed to UL1484, MEMS sensor listed to UL 2075
Detection principle MEMS hot-wire semiconductor sensor
Target gas Methane gas (Natural Gas)
Gas immunity* Acetone, ethanol, bleach solution
Operating temperature range 32°F (0°C) to 122°F (50°C)
Operating humidity range 5% to 95%, no condensation
Power supply Battery Operated - 3V Lithium battery
Alarm level 10% LEL*
Sound pressure Gas alarm : 85 dB @ 10 ft.
Dimensions W 85mm x H 100mm x D 22 mm
Installation Pipe mount by cable ties or wall mount with hardware
Product Specs
Natural Gas Alarms

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DeNova Detect Natural Gas Alarm, 7-Year Battery Reviews
Jame Choi
July 19, 2023
Impressed with simplicity

I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the Denova ML-330 Natural Gas Alarm. As an elder who values safety above all else, this device brings me great peace of mind. The installation was simple, and the compact design fits perfectly in my home. The loud siren, voice alarm and bright LED display ensure that I am immediately alerted to any gas leaks, I recommend this gas alarm to fellow seniors who prioritize safety and want an easy-to-use solution to protect their homes.

Ted Fick
April 5, 2023

Units arrived in a day from order and were very easy to setup and install. I have one in our furnace room and one by my gas fireplace just in case. Wish they were less expensive however the customer service rep gave me a coupon code to get them discounted a little bit. Thanks again for answering all my questions.

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