DeNova Natural Gas Alarm Features & Installation Guide

DeNova Natural Gas Detectors by New Cosmos provide an efficient and reliable means of alerting your surroundings to the very real dangers presented by a natural gas (or methane) leak. Implementing revolutionary sensing technology, DeNova Natural Gas Alarms are capable of achieving an impressive LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) threshold. What does this mean exactly? Traditional gas detectors come equipped with a sensor that more often than not features a 25% LEL. In comparison, a DeNova Natural Gas Detector offers a 10% LEL. A lower % ensures better results in quickly identifying an emergency. When comparing the two, a DeNova Natural Gas Alarm will sound off an average of 11 minutes faster*. These extra minutes can prove invaluable in offering additional time to properly escape a potentially dangerous scenario.

The use of a MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems) also eliminates virtually all nuisance alarms, ensuring that the surrounding area is alerted to actual threats. Longevity has been addressed with the use of a battery that features a lifespan of six years. Battery powered natural gas detectors also open a wealth of installation options that simply aren’t available in wired gas alarms. Factor in an 85dB audible alarm warning with bilingual (English and Spanish) verbal instructions and you have a battery powered gas detector that excels on multiple fronts.

Where Do Natural Gas Leaks Occur?

A DeNova Battery Powered Gas Detector should be installed in any room where a gas leak may occur. This would naturally include areas where one or more gas burning appliance is currently located. Some common examples would include the following areas:

  • Kitchens: Gas ovens and cook tops can be primary offenders in releasing natural gas into the surrounding area.
  • Laundry/Utility Rooms: An over reliance on a gas powered clothes dryer is capable of causing a gas leak.
  • Basements/Furnace Areas: Depending on location and or season, natural gas boilers may see overuse and are another appliance to monitor closely.

Where Should I Install Natural Gas Alarms?

  • Between 4 to 12 in. from the ceiling (natural gas detectors installed closer to the ceiling are more effective at detecting dangerous gas leaks. This is due to natural gas being lighter than the air and gathering towards the ceiling.

  • In an area where it will not be impeded by items hanging from or near the ceiling such as curtains, drapes and ceiling fans.

  • At least 5 ft. from cooking appliances or cooktop hoods (This is recommended because cooking vapors or grease may contaminate a natural gas detector.)

  • At least 10 ft. from gas appliances (This will reduce “unwanted” alarms that may occur if a gas detector is installed directly next to a gas source.)

It is possible that gas leaks can also form and move along pipes. For this reason, it’s strongly encouraged that homeowners install natural gas detectors in multiple rooms. Homeowners should also consider placing battery powered natural gas alarms in bedrooms where occupants choose to sleep with the door closed. Annual checkups on gas lines, chimneys, furnaces, vents and all gas appliances are also encouraged.

* Validated by Gas Technology Institute report, Evaluation of Residential Methane Detectors, Phase III. Project No. 21696.

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